Our Glittermarx Collections are an all-inclusive kit that creates dazzling super-sharp glittered designs.
The result is a fancy flashy pony that will stand out in any venue.
This is out of our control.



Our favorite part about Glittermarx is the glitter itself, because who doesn't want to be a little bit extra? We currently offer 24 shades of glitter. This color palette is chosen based on particle size and sparkle factor. This ensures that every design delivers the ultimate pop and definition. Our glitter is easily removable but can also last several days if you choose.



When we are developing our designs we focus on sharpness, definition and ease of application. This ensures the perfect Glittermarx. With over 70 designs to date, and adding new ones regularly you are sure to find something you will love. To see our designs go to our products page. Are you looking for something specific? We can create a custom design tailored to you. Maybe you are looking to make your barn and riders stand out as a team. We can customize most barn logos as well as breed logos. Contact us by email for your customization glittermarxponies@gmail.com.



Everything you need to #GlitterYourRide is included in your Glittermarx Kit. You get your choice of 4 of our fabulous glitters colors, 2 jars of a non-toxic proprietary blend of adhesive, 4 brushes of varying sizes to be used for adhesive application, a large round dabber for big glitter application areas down to a small dabber for touch ups and a pair of craft tweezers to aid in stencil removal sometimes needed for our more intricate designs. Watch our "How To Apply" and "Tips and Tricks" videos.


Our Glittermarx Kits are an all-inclusive kit that utilizes a 4-step process to create dazzling super-sharp glittered designs. They are an easy way to really add some fun and sparkle to any equine activity. A little bit of prep work will ensure a better outcome. First groom your application area well. The less loose hair the better the design will adhere. A good curry and firm brushing usually does the trick (of course no obvious dirt, shavings, manure or mud, but who would put glitter on that anyway...)


Apply the Design stencil.

Each design is a 3 layer stencil: 1) white backing layer 2) Glittermarx blue design layer and 3) clear transfer layer. Start by peeling the white backing from the Glittermarx stencil. Place the Glittermarx stencil on the horse’s hip and press firmly into place. Smooth the stencil with your hand in the direction of the hair growth. Peel the top clear layer away from the Glittermarx stencil. Slowly remove in the direction of the growth of hair. Take your time and make sure all of the pieces come off the clear layer, leaving a complete Glittermarx stencil. Press the blue stencil firmly into place to ensure the Glittermarx stencil is adhered to the hair in all areas.


Apply the Adhesive

Apply the white adhesive with the black brush taking care to brush with the hair. Apply liberally. A uniform application of the liberally applied adhesive will improve the adherence and coverage of the glitter.


Apply the Joy (or, um... Glitter)

Use the round dabber brush to apply the glitter, large size for big areas, smaller sizes for more detailed areas. Apply liberally, as in a lot. The glitter can be layered and blended to create the desired look. The heavier the application of glitter the more striking your Glittermarx will appear. (Please note that you will have more than enough product for all 4 stencils so glitter away!!!)


Remove stencil.

Slowly peel the blue stencil design in the direction of the hair and watch the magic unfold. This is where you may want to reach for the tweezers. Try to avoid using your grubby (and now glittery) fingers, they may smudge your fantastic design. Allow the area to dry completely.